This package uses the "tee" operator (%T>%) to modify objects.


lhs, rhs

An object and a function.

See also

%T>%, pipe.


# the tee operator returns the left-hand side of the result and can be # useful when dealing with mutable objects. In this example we want # to use the function "f" to modify the object "e" and capture the # result # create an empty environment e <- new.env() # create a function to modify an environment and return NULL f <- function(x) {x$a <- 5; return(NULL)} # if we use the pipe operator we won't capture the result since "f"() # returns a NULL e2 <- e %>% f() print(e2)
# but if we use the tee operator then the result contains a copy of "e" e3 <- e %T>% f() print(e3)
#> <environment: 0xd20fa08>